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This part of picturama can be used to send larger files like high resolution photos and also any type of file like videos and movies, not only pictures.

Anyone can surf the folders and look at the thumbnails. But up and download is reserved to my friends. In this case friends can be considered a quite large term. Sort of myspace type of friends. So if I know you for not being a jerk and respecting the rules of the site as well as my person you get access for free. Don't try to be suddenly "very nice" in the chat, this will probably not work.

But what if I don't know you? Well what I need is to get to know somehow who you are. As it's a bit difficult to send your passport or drivers license over the Internet I choose to use paypal. Your paypal account is quite well linked with your person. So go to the nice red box below and choose an amount. If you like my work here you can give big bucks. If you just want to be verified, send some cents (after the paypal tax I won't get anything then).

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How to get access to the site?

If you have not yet a picturama user, register one here else your current picturama user is just fine. Then do the paypal thing below or if I know you send me an email with your picturama username. Then I will enable your user and you can watch and upload.

Just look at the red box below. If after some days you have still not access, please mail me
Identity verification. There are 2 ways to get access to this site.
  • Either you have been using this site from before 2007, then do not register a new user but mail me telling your old username and I will enable your password.
  • You just registered a new user, you will need to identify yourself. The easiest (and preferred) way is to use paypal. You can also email me a foto of your passport.
How does the paypal thing work? Choose an amount: and then click this button:
Access will NOT be immediate, please give at least 24h time for activation.