thanks to the uncorrectylbe jerks like infamous_crizzime

paysite still works
I added people I know to be honest and nice, to the paysite. Just try if it works for you. If not, I missed you or I don't know you. If I missed you mail me or come to the chat so I can add you. (hmm, I should rename paysite into friends perhaps)

I don't need idiots in the chat:
00:55 georgelotus you can get known to me by doing a payment. that will confirm your identity
00:55 H that would confirm that you're a dickhead piece of shit that just want money
00:56 H so fuck yourself
So spare me your infantile comments. I dont want your money, you could just pay $0.01 and it would be fine for me.

Why punish everyone because of a few morons?
Well if 'everyone' would vote against pictures with bad taste instead of drooling over them the problem would never arise. So yes, many are 'punished' but also those could have avoided the situation by just massively voting.