flexichat Welcome to flexichat

Welcome to flexichat

Hi, this is a place where people interested in the flexibility of the human body can meet, discuss and exchange ideas.

You do not need to be active, fans are welcome.


  • Please keep the chat clean. Do not post messages or pictures which could be viewed objectinable by others. Remember that people entering the chat can read some of the previously posted messages.
  • Use a common language. This chat is a worldwide forum, you may encounter people from any country. Please use the language everyone understands, which is normally english. If only people from the same nationality are present you may use other languages.
  • Be friendly. No bashing on other people, yelling around (despite the LOUD button). Some people have the right to kick people out of the room or even set a ban for some time.
  • Registering and privileges. If you are visiting more often the chat it is in your interest to be registered. That way nobody else can impersonate you. If you are a nice person and actively participating in discussions you can get some additional features, like picture uploading, kick&ban, or even administrator right of the chat. For that you need to ask one of the administrators (who that is you will find out quite soon)

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    Mon-Fri18:00 - 19:0012am-1pm8-9am12-1am3am(Tue-Sat)
    Sun14:00-18:008-12 am4-8 am8-12pm11pm

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    Any subject related to flexibility is welcome:





    Lisa Lavella


    Martial arts

    Jean Frenette


    Alina Kabayeva


    Walter Sangree


    Prezel school of yoga

    Yoga sport

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